Best of Both Worlds – Wood Look Tile

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One of the most popular flooring options offered by Kulp Tile to date, wood look tile gives you the best of both worlds – a sturdy, low-maintenance ‘wood’ floor with all the benefits of tile!

Durability of Wood Look Tile

Unlike hardwood, wood look tile is ideal for households prone to messes and with children or pets. This stylish option ensures an easy cleanup for everyone from messy cooks in the kitchen due to its waterproof qualities to busy professionals who don’t have time to be cleaning for hours!

Wood tile resists scratches and moisture, making it a great choice for high traffic rooms, hallways, and accident prone areas such as kitchens, laundry rooms, bathrooms, and dining rooms. With its resistance to fading and chipping at higher quality tile options, your floors will keep looking great for a long time.


Despite being a printed design on tile, wood-look has a variety of options when it comes to patterns, colors, textures, and styles. We recommend longer tiles for the ‘plank’ look that’s classic of hardwood floors. Once you’ve chosen your length, thickness, and material (porcelain vs. ceramic), look around your room. Do you have darker colors dominating the environment? We recommend a light, bamboo and cedar look stain. Is your home light and airy with tons of neutrals, white, or pastel walls and cabinets? A darker stain will elevate your room to sophistication.

Color isn’t the only style flair that tile has to offer, however. If you’re looking for a more eclectic, artsy, or rustic type of tile there are many varieties of effects such as painted details, wood veining, distressed, or more natural wood effects to choose from.
Wood Look Bathroom


Tile has always been a better value than hardwood, but it was never able to reach the warmth and cozy feeling hardwood gives a home – until now. With advancements in wood tiling, a single tile can be made to duplicate similar textures, colors, and patterns to hardwood at half the cost, especially if you’re looking to copy the look of expensive and exotic woods.

Not sure what to choose? Kulp Tile can help in the design, purchase, and installation process to give you beautiful new tile floors for the right price!