How To Plan Built-In Bathroom Storage for a Small Bathroom

How To Plan Built-In Bathroom Storage for a Small Bathroom

How To Plan Built-In Bathroom Storage for a Small Bathroom 1


When you have a small bathroom, it’s easy to feel claustrophobic as soon as you step inside. Everything feels smaller and harder to deal with. And what’s the last thing you want in such a small space? A big mirror, for example! Hence why we’re giving our best tips on how to plan built-in storage for your small bathroom. To make your home more comfortable and pleasant, you may think that you must reduce the size of your bathroom instead. WRONG! That is unless you want to live in an empty and uncomfortable house – but who would? Luckily for us all, there are some hacks and hidden tricks that we can use to make our space feel bigger rather than smaller; after all, who wants a Small Cat A** house!? Let’s get started!

Make use of mirrors

If you want to open up your space, the easiest way to do so is with mirrors. Mirrors will make your room appear larger and better lit simply by reflecting what light there is around the room. This is a great way to make your small space feel more open and attractive. A small mirror will not only make your bathroom look larger but also look more attractive by framing the mirror (see below). Mirrors are a great addition to any bathroom no matter how big or small it is.

Light is your friend

It is so easy to forget how much light can impact your bathroom. If you have a window in your bathroom, make sure to keep it clean and clear so as much light can get in. This will help your bathroom look brighter and more spacious. If you don’t have a window in your bathroom, or you don’t want to let people see inside, you can use bathroom light fixtures for the same effect. There are many options to choose from when it comes to light fixtures in your bathroom.

Add more cabinets

Cabinets are a great way to add storage to your bathroom. Most cabinets are adjustable in some way, so you can fit them in even small spaces. An easy way to add more cabinets to your small bathroom is to use a cabinet that fits under the sink. Or, if you have a corner cabinet that isn’t being used, you can use that too. Another option is to use a wall mounted cabinet. Wall mounted cabinets are great for bathrooms because they don’t take up floor space. This way, you can make better use of your space. If you have the room for it, adding a freestanding cabinet to your bathroom is a great idea too. It can store towels, toilet paper, cleaning supplies, or whatever else you need.

Incorporate shelving and hooks

Shelf space is something we don’t think about when it comes to bathrooms. Shelves are a great way to add extra storage to your bathroom without taking up space. You can fit a shelf above the toilet, fit a few shelves along the wall, or use a freestanding shelving unit that fits on top of the toilet. Hooks make great wall decorations. You can use them to hang towels, robes, or even your loofah. Hooks can also be used to hold your bathroom supplies. These are great to use if you have a small bathroom because they don’t take up much space. You can also use these to hang larger items that don’t fit anywhere else in your bathroom.


While it may seem like the best option for a small bathroom is to make it as small as possible, this is not the case. You can use a few clever tricks to make a small bathroom feel more spacious. The easiest way to do this is by making use of mirrors, light, and cabinets. You can also use shelving and hooks to provide extra storage without taking up space. With these tips, you can make your small bathroom feel larger and more comfortable.


Photo by Lisaphotos195 on Pixabay